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Pink Towers Children's House

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Phone: 0702 685 152



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Convent Road ,Lavington

About School

Pink Tower Children's House is a world-class recognized Kindergarten that offers a high-quality standard of individual care and attention. The goal of this Montessori Kindergarten school is to produce happy, intelligent and well-adjusted children. The Pink Tower Children’s House is set in a calm and serene environment in a large and beautiful house. The guides/ teachers are all carefully handpicked- qualified early years practitioners, who are there to offer positive guidance to our children, as well as care for these little children. The Montessori approach is about the development of the human being from 0 to maturity. It is a completely child centred method and a philosophy through which everything relevant to the life of the child, during their particular stage of development, is provided in an appropriate, stimulating and sensitive environment whilst at the same time recognizing that every person is unique. The Montessori Method is a system designed to fit the needs of children in their task of growing and adapting to the world, the child possesses an inner dynamic spirit which, given the appropriate environment maintains itself in a desire and a ‘’drive’’ to learn, adapt and  attain a high level of independence that offers an extensive range of developmental activities that each child can choose, according to his or her interests.