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Creating A Safe School Environment: Everyone's Responsibility

Ensuring a safe and bully-free environment in schools is a top priority for everyone involved in education. It's crucial to emphasize that stoppin...

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Supporting a Child Transitioning to a New School

Supporting A Child Transitioning To A New School

Often, children will have to move schools as the family moves to a new location or when the previous school is not a good fit. Changing schools can be...

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Is homework good for kids?

Is Homework Good For Kids?

Last week, I attended a Parent-Teacher meeting at my daughter’s school. One of my concerns was the little homework that the teachers have been a...

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Should higher learning Institutions dictate how students dress?

Should Higher Learning Institutions Dictate How Students Dress?

A few weeks ago, the public was made aware of a circulation by the university of Eldoret to its students concerning their dress code. This is the seco...

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The different educational curricula in Kenya and their focus

The Different Educational Curricula In Kenya And Their Focus

There are different school curricula /systems used in our learning institutions. As a parent, it is important to know which approach a school employs...

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