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About Our School

About Us is an informative site where new parents and guardians can access information about learning institutions. This is valuable in making a decision in regards to selecting a school for school-age-going children.

The decision about which institution of learning to place our children is one of the most important decisions in a parent’s life. With enough information, that decision is often made easier for us.

The idea of the site was borne out of my personal experience during the search for a school for my 3 year old. After physically and virtually searching for a learning institution for a period of 6 Months, I was not able to make a decision, mainly because of limited information. I was sure I was not the only parent grappling with this challenge so I decided to create a place where parents can visit and find some valuable information that will bring them closer to making that big decision.

One of the challenges that I faced in my search is that I had little information about the schools in my area code. I drove around and visited some of the schools that I felt fit the requirement of what I was searching for, and I was surprised by the number of learning institutions available and how each one of them had something unique to offer.

This motivated me to create a place where no matter where you live, with a few clicks on your mouse, you are able to view the schools that are in your neighborhood or the neighborhood of your choice.

The site also provides additional information about a school i.e. contacts, curriculum, and where to source school supplies.

For parents and guardians interested in gaining more information about parenting school-going children, there are interesting and informative articles that will empower you as you walk with your child on their journey of self-discovery and growth.